Chris Lake Board meetings are normally on the third Tuesdays of each month at 7 p.m. at the LaPlatte Church.

The board continues to work on solutions for erosion control and sand recovery for the beaches.

Lake Cleanup & Beautification will be held in the Spring, shortly after the Annual Board meeting in April. The notification of the Annual meeting place will be emailed and mailed to all homeowners

If you want to get on the Chris Lake email list for up to date information, contact Jennifer Carlyle at this email: Jennifer Carlyle

Lake Association Dues. New lake association dues are due on June 1 of each year.

SID 101 meets Quarterly on the forth Tuesday of each month at the old LaPlatte Elementary School.


Blue-green Algae. During the summer, residents are asked to watch for any blue-green algae and to contact Harlan Maguire, 2901 Crystal Drive, 402-291-8758 with the homeowner’s concern. Harlan will look at the suspect algae with the resident and determine if taking a sample of the algae and requesting a test is warranted. Let him know if any significant number of dead fish are found on the shore. Keep children and pets from any newly discovered blue-green algae. Do not eat any fish caught from the lake.

Click here for: Specific procedures if Blue-Green Algae is found on Chris Lake

There is a new web site (click on toxic algae powerpoint presentation) pertaining to lake water quality in Nebraska. Currently this new site is focused on the issue of toxic algae in lakes, however in the future it will allow for expanded information about UNL's extension program as well as posting of new lake management information, research outcomes, management strategies and other time sensitive topics. The site contains a power point presentation complete with photos and explanation of what may be toxic and some of the more common algae and plants that are often confused with but are not considered toxic.

Nebraska game and Parks web site:

Chris Lake will continue taking lake samples. The latest testing contained no advisories.

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